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Nov/Dec 2014


Advancing safety and efficiency in subsea operations

Ensuring the safety, integrity and efficiency of subsea operations is essential to the oil and gas industry throughout the globe. If in doubt, ask Namaka Subsea

Sandy Harper (left) and Lee Duncan of Namaka Subsea

Namaka Subsea, an Aberdeen, UK-based subsea consulting company, began trading in July 2014 and has since expanded its services due to the demands of the industry. Sandy Harper, managing director, has worked with the operators and contractors over the years and understands the importance of doing it the “right way”.


The company says that its aim is to take the knowledge and experience gained by its personnel to provide both technical and operational support to its clients within the subsea industry, including diving and ROV operations throughout the world.



This includes the auditing of diving and ROV contractors both operationally and technically, to ensure the contractor and subsequent client has sufficient confidence to carry out operations anywhere in the world, ensuring compliance with current best industry practices as well as geographical legislation.


Sandy Harper says: “Assisting with the development of best industry practices and guidance over the years has given me an insight into how we can improve subsea operations. Therefore, Namaka Subsea has been created to provide our clients with the required expertise to support their operations and projects, with the onus of improving safety and efficiency within the industry.”


Services offered by Namaka Subsea include, but are not limited to, quality and safety management system audits, diving system auditing and assurance, ROV system auditing and assurance, failure modes effects and analysis (FMEA), IMCA membership application assistance, operational and technical project management, pre-contract award audits and DiveCert.

  • Services offered by Namaka Subsea include diving system auditing and assurance


DiveCert is an equipment certification, planned maintenance and asset management software package, tailored for the diving industry. It can, however, also be adapted for any process or industry.


“Many diving contractors find it difficult to control their maintenance and certification, often misplacing certificates, completing certificates incorrectly and losing track of when diving equipment is due to be re-certified and maintained. This can then cause issues during system audits, where non-conformances may be issued against the diving contractor, delaying diving operations and the client project,” according to Namaka Subsea.


DiveCert has been developed to eradicate these issues while assisting compliance with best industry practices and guidelines, all from one easy to use software portal, the company says.


Lee Duncan, DiveCert manager, adds: “DiveCert is now in its third year of operation with the software having now developed to Version 2, providing more usability and optimising the software as well as meeting current best practices and client requirements.


“The demand for DiveCert has grown exponentially and we are excited to announce that we now have clients, including diving contractors and diving equipment manufacturers operating the software in four continents.”





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