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Jan/Feb 2016


An essential book that should be kept within easy reach

'Diving and Subaquatic Medicine' Fifth Edition

This is an important, standard reference book on diving medicine. It is essential to anyone with a professional interest in the subject. It defines the state of the art in 2016.


The four eminent authors, Carl Edmonds, Michael Bennett, Simon Mitchell and John Lippmann, have not only provided their own internationally recognised expertise, but they have consulted an A to Z of 23 other renown experts from around the world, from Peter Bennett to David Yount, in bringing the book right up to date.


The 11 chapters include Diving, Dysbaric Diseases, Decompression Sickness, Abnormal Gas Pressures, Drowning, Other Aquatic Disorders, Specific Diving Diseases, Diving Accidents, Medical Standards for Diving, Specialised Diving and Related Subjects.


There are six useful appendixes covering Decompression Tables, US Navy Recompression Therapy Tables, Recompression Therapy Options, Diving Medical Library, Diving Medical Training and Diving Medical Organisations and Contacts. Finally, there is a comprehensive Index. Illustrations are in colour and black and white.


This book is easy to work with. The layout and format is reader-friendly. Much effort has gone into ensuring the diagrams and tables have a consistent format throughout. It is very much an operational textbook that you will need within easy reach of your desk.


The hard cover version of the book is robustly bound for heavy usage and an ebook version is also available.


'Diving and Subaquatic Medicine' – Fifth Edition; Carl Edmonds, Michael Bennett, Simon Mitchell and John Lippmann; CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group; 2016; 835 pages; hard cover; ISBN-13: 978-1-4822-6012-0; £120.00; and VitalSource ebook.


John Bevan

Inspiration for the next subsea generation!

This is a colourful, provocative book about the underwater world aimed squarely at the youngsters.


The Society for Underwater Technology has commissioned top experts from across the spectrum of underwater disciplines to come up with those quirky questions that mystify and tantalise. Like – What really happens in the Bermuda triangle? Are lake monsters real? Where would we live if there was no land left to build on? Where do tsunamis come from? Should we fish or farm the sea? And yes … a lobster really did do an archaeological dig!


No less than 28 imponderable questions are addressed in bite-sized, illustrated and revealing chapters. This inspirational book is an ideal appetiser for 10 to 14 year olds, designed to entertain and get you thinking. It is a lively introduction into the fabulous diversity of the underwater world. There will even be a few surprises in store for the grown-ups as well!


From sunken ships, lost treasure, monsters, to ocean rubbish, warships and whirlpools, this book is packed with factual stories with twists, written by members and friends of the SUT and brought to life with brilliant illustrations by Rachel Hathaway.


This is an ideal gift for your kids or grandchildren!


'Can a lobster be an archaeologist? Quirky Questions and Fascinating Facts about the Underwater World'. The Society for Underwater Technology, 2015; paperback; 151 pages; colour illustrations; ISBN 978 0 906940 55 6; £12.99;


John Bevan





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