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COBRA bailout rebreather passes trials to 450m enhancing diver safety at extreme depths

27th November 2017

JFD, the submarine rescue and diving equipment company which is part of James Fisher and Sons, UK, reports its new COBRA (compact bailout rebreathing apparatus) system has passed further trials rating it safe for use at depths up to 450 metres.

Released earlier this year, COBRA is a new bailout solution designed to replace conventional scuba bailout methods, providing divers with a greatly extended supply of breathing gas in the event of a primary supply failure. In July 2017, COBRA was granted CE marking status for use at depths up to 300 metres making it the only approved system of its kind to fully comply with NORSOK U101 (diving respiratory equipment) and EN14143 (self-contained rebreathing apparatus) standards at this depth.

“The system has recently been subject to further pressure testing and has undergone rigorous assessments which have ensured it is safe for use at depths up to 450 metres,” said JFD. “This is a huge safety advancement for divers working within the extreme conditions experienced during the world’s deepest diving operations.”

The firm added: “This pioneering technology was developed by JFD in direct response to current equipment performance shortfalls at depths beyond 200 metres. At extreme depths, traditional bailout systems offer divers less than three minutes of emergency breathing gas in the event of disconnected from his primary supply. COBRA marks a step change by providing up to 20 minutes at depths of 300 metres and up to 10 minutes at depths of 450 metres which greatly improves the chances of survival.”

As the only system on the market which provides this level of safety, JFD hopes COBRA will be adopted by diving contractors, improving the safety of their divers by increasing the chance of survival in the event of a catastrophic failure of the primary breathing system.

“COBRA should become standard for saturation diving at all depths, not just for deeper diving, improving industry safety globally,” the company said.


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