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Commercial diver's contribution to training recognised by industry peers

19th September 2017

Dave Loudon presented with award with Herb Mitton and Rob Gatt

A commercial diver who now instructs the next generation of divers has had his contribution to commercial diver training recognised with a peer-nominated industry award.

David Loudon, commercial diver trainer at The Underwater Centre in Tasmania, Australia, has been awarded the Maurie Vierow Award of Excellence by industry body Australian Diver Accreditation Scheme (ADAS). The award recognises outstanding contributions and service from within ADAS and ADAS accredited training establishments.

Loudon – who is a qualified supervisor and has obtained Certificate IV TAE in Training and Assessment – previously worked as an ADAS qualified commercial diver before joining The Underwater Centre in 2014.
Recipients of the excellence award are those who show “exceptional dedication to the support and training of people in the hyperbaric industry in such a way that encourages high levels of safety, cooperation and skill as members of the Australian and international hyperbaric industry”.

Rob Gatt, executive director at ADAS, explained why Loudon was such a worthy winner: “This award was specifically established to recognise people within the ADAS team like David, people who are prepared to consider change and have input into the way we, as an organisation, can improve.

“Whilst in the big picture David is relatively new to training, he has certainly had a positive impact in that period of time and has shared some valuable input relating to promoting diver safety and training efficiency.

“ADAS is committed to recognise individuals and organisations that are committed to working together to further the delivery of training in the ADAS network. David has shown himself to be one of those people.”

Herb Mitton, operations manager at The Underwater Centre Tasmania, said he believed that the quality of commercial diver training at the Centre has constantly benefitted from Loudon’s genuine interest and solid experience. “David regularly typifies ‘excellence’ throughout our commercial diver training operations and development, so it gives us great pleasure to see his dedication and skill recognised,” he said.

Mitton added: “The achievements and contributions David makes to our workplace are numerous and widespread. He is a natural teacher, being well-versed and highly knowledgeable on relevant subject matter; however he continues to strive to learn more rather than sit on laurels of knowledge already gained. Of particular note is the complete ownership and vast improvements David has contributed to our Part 1 Scuba programme: his ownership has turned this fundamental building-block of any dive career into something that is really stand-out. 

“In short, David is a star within our organisation – we are a better and safer team and much stronger company thanks to his input.”


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