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MacArtney winch for deployment from vessels of opportunity

12th May 2016

MacArtney, Denmark, reports its Benelux operation has supplied a CORMAC M4C winch to dotOcean, Belgium, a specialist in sediment and soil characterisation systems and instrumentation.

CORMAC M4C is a customised version of the MacArtney CORMAC M modular winch series intended for use with the dotOcean DensX sediment density profiler. DensX is an in situ mud density measurement system that uses X-ray technology and an automated winch.


“Being fully controlled by dotOcean’s software for controlling the DensX, this customised MacArtney winch is supplied with a constant tension function and PC control. The winch is fitted with a special frame for housing the winch and the DensX,” said a MacArtney spokesman.

Rijkswaterstaat (RWS), part of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, is the end user of the integrated dotOcean/MacArtney solution, which is to be deployed from vessels of opportunity within the RWS fleet. As a consequence, the winch design has been adapted in order for the level wind to be variable between zero and 90 degrees depending on the winch position in relation to the vessel’s A-frame.


Due to the request for portability in order to be used on board vessels of opportunity, the complete solution has been designed to fit onto a standard block pallet for transportation purposes.


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