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Mar/Apr 2015


New miniROV with vectored thrust from Deep Trekker

UK-based marine equipment provider Planet Ocean has announced the availability of the new Deep Trekker, Canada, vectored thrust ROV, model DTX2.


“Modelled upon the hugely succsessful DTG-2 miniROV, the Deep Trekker DTX2 is the first ever subsea vehicle to combine the patented pitch mechanism that Deep Trekker is known for with four powerful, vectored thrusters for manoeuvrability unmatched in this vehicle class,” said Planet Ocean.


Rated for depths of up to 300 metres and with speeds approaching 3.5 knots and 13 kilograms of thrust, the DTX2 is as powerful and strong as it is nimble and easy to use, according to the company.


Sam Macdonald, president of Deep Trekker, said: “The DTX2 is the culmination of our customers’ desires to have the same capability, portability and ease of use in a package rated for offshore use. We have had significant interest from customers in aquaculture, energy and military industries for this increased capability, and we are ecstatic to be able to bring this level of sophisticated engineering to the market, at a reasonable price.”

New range of DiveDoctor medical kits

DiveDoctor, part of the National Hyperbaric Centre, UK, reports the launch of a new range of medical equipment kits designed for practical use on any dive site while also helping diving contractors to comply with guidance document DMAC 015 Rev 4.


New products in the range are: surface medical equipment kit; drugs kit; bell medical kit; chamber kit; hyperbaric evacuation system kit; and defibrillator.


“It is important to have medical equipment in an appropriately labelled secure container while having it readily available for rapid access in the event of an emergency and DiveDoctor has developed two packaging solutions: ROMS (Roll Out Medical System) and a segmented Peli-case, both of which provide organised storage solutions and enable rapid and clear access to the right equipment,” said a spokesman.


The spokesman said the design is based on “experience gained in battlefield conditions where quick access is required”.


“The ROMS – a water resistant rucksack – can be quickly hung via magnets to any metal surface, such as the side of an air diving container or saturation system,” he said. “Equipment is strategically segmented into labelled pouches such as resuscitation, chest decompression and bandages, providing the most practical arrangement for rapid treatment. Velcro pouches can be quickly removed and passed through the med-lock as required into saturation or air diving chambers.


“The Peli-case offers a rugged and durable storage container which is watertight and is robust and secure enough to stand up to transportation between, and on, dive sites.





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