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Jul/Aug 2015


Planet Ocean brings Italian AUV to the UK and Ireland

UK-based Planet Ocean has announced a distribution agreement with Italian autonomous underwater vehicle manufacturer GABRI covering the UK and Ireland.


The GABRI Seastick vehicle incorporates several unique features that set it apart in the world of AUVs, according to Planet Ocean.


The firm said: “Together with the traditional forward dive controls and stern rudders, the Seastick incorporates two variable pitch thrusters using low power, silent, frictionless, magnetic induction motors which make it extremely manoeuvrable allowing hovering and vertical movement in the water column.


“Seastick can also be used with a tether, turning it into a powerful ROV. The all-plastic construction gives it an extremely low magnetic signature.


“Fully customisable payload drawers and choice of telemetry facilitate a huge range of mission options which can run for ten hours from a single charge.”


Planet Ocean added that the Seastick control software allows quick management of manoeuvrability, functionality and onboard sensors.


“The control of the vehicle can be manual both on the surface through WiFi connection and through an umbilical cable or acoustic modem when submerged. The specially designed Mission Planner software is highly intuitive and allows the user to easily pre-set the navigation route and the parameters of the mission as well as downloading data,” the company said.

Cable early warning system

Have you ever noticed a heavily worn section of your cable, only to discover it’s too late, and that the outer sheath is worn to the extent that the conductors are exposed and the cable is no longer usable?


Brighton, UK-headquartered Elmeridge Cables reports it has innovated a simple and effective early warning system: two layers of outer sheath material (i.e., polyurethane), each layer being a different colour, so that when the external layer becomes worn through, it exposes the contrasting colour of the inner layer before the damage becomes severe.


“This simple yet extremely effective method provides early warning of any excessive wear and tear against abrasion before it progresses to a cable failure, and can be used with various compounds to suit the application and working environment,” said the company, adding that it can apply this technology to any cable type, either during a new production or as an over-sheathing service onto an existing cable that may be susceptible to damage.





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